Join the team of ESN VUB EhB Brussels!

Do you want to be a part of ESN VUB EhB Brussels?

Have you been on an Erasmus or other international exchange program? Do you love the idea of intercultural exchange? Do you want to meet more people with the same interests as you?

We are looking for students from Vrije Universiteit Brussels and Erasmus Hogeshool Brussels that are sociable, organised and motivated, who have participated in an international exchange program or would love the idea of doing it, aiming to help the exchange students in our university and wanting to spend time in an international environment.

You can join our family as a buddy and/or active member. You could help out with the organisation of activities, finding new partners, making graphics, helping out with the communication, and many more things that will make this adventure one of your best experiences!

If you are interested to join us contact