You have just arrived in Brussels and you are trying to find your way. To make things easier, we are organising some activities for you! You’ll get the chance to meet fellow international students, get to know us and explore Brussels. 
We’re looking forward to showing you our beautiful city and our little country over this semester!

Everybody is welcome at these activities so don't hesitate to join. Be ready to have the time of your life!


▶ Friday 09/02: Campus tour Jette
More info: ►► Campus Tour Jette | ESN VUB EhB Brussels ◄◄

▶ Friday 09/02: Orientation Day + campus tour Etterbeek
More info: Orientation Day 2018

▶ Friday 09/02: Flag Party by ESN ICHEC & Bar 77
More info: Flag Party at Bar 77

▶ Saturday 10/02: Brussels city tour 
More info: ►► City Tour of Brussels | ESN VUB EhB Brussels ◄◄

▶ Tuesday 13/02: Buddy Drink
More info: ►► Buddy Drink | ESN VUB EhB Brussels ◄◄

▶ Thursday 15/02: Happy Hour
More info: ►► Happy Hour | ESN VUB EhB Brussels ◄◄

▶ Sunday 18/02: Trip to Bruges
More info: ►► Trip to Bruges | ESN VUB EhB Brussels ◄◄

▶ Tuesday 20/02: Belgian evening
More info: TBA

▶ Tuesday 20/02: English Comedy Night
More info: English Comedy at RITCS Café: PIPPA EVANS

▶ Thursday 22/02: VUBrusselt 2018
More info: VUBrusselt 2018

▶ Saturday 24/02: Trip to Ghent
More info: TBA

▶ Monday 26/02: Game's On!
More info: Game's On!


▶ Saturday 03/03: Trip to Antwerp
More info: TBA

Start writing these dates down in your calendar. More events will be added or updated.

We’re looking forward to meeting all of you!

Your ESN VUB EhB Brussels Team

05/02/2018 to 25/02/2018