Picture a fairy-tale medieval town with cobbled lanes and dreamy canals linked to a medieval market surrounded by towers. Imagine beautiful churches and old whitewashed almshouses surrounded by flower gardens. 

Come and join us in this medieval adventure in the most beautiful city of Belgium, the city of love, the city of knights or as its name says: Brugge!

➟ Sunday the 18th of February 2018
➟ Meeting point: 10:15 at Central Station, in front of the ticket office (look for the ESNflag!)

➟ €11 with ESNcard
➟ €14 without ESNcard
➟ Included: Transportation and city tour

➟ It is impossible to join our tour without a ticket so get yours at one of our sellings!
➟ Be at the meeting point on time so you don't miss our train

➟ Bring money or something to eat for lunch in Brugge
➟ Check the weather forecast before, and maybe bring a raincoat/umbrella. You know, Belgian weather... 
➟ Don't forget to take your neverending energy and smile, to make this trip unforgettable! :) 

➟ Tuesday 13/02, 12h30-13h30 at VUB restaurant (upstairs)
➟ Tuesday 13/02, 20h00-21h00 at Muntpunt Grand Café (Rue Léopold 2, 1000 Brussels)
➟ Thursday 15/02, 20h00-21h00 at The Big Game (Rue Henri Maus 5, 1000 Brussels)

See you there!
Your ESN VUB EhB Brussels team

18/02/2018 - 10:15