The Erasmus University College (Dutch: Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel) is located in the center of Brussels. EhB has 5.000 students, clustered in 4 departments and 2 Schools of Arts located in 5 campuses throughout the city. The departments offer Bachelors with a strong professional focus while the Schools of Arts offer Bachelors and Masters in Music, Audiovisual and Performing Arts.


The language of instruction in their Bachelor and Master programs is Dutch, but they have also courses in English. EhB offers a interesting range in study fields, check them out. If you would like to apply for a study period at EhB under the Erasmus+ or another mobility program, please check this information.

When your classes are over for the day, we recommend you to visit RITCS Café. This student bar is the perfect place to drink, chat and surf. You can attend concerts or you can play typical games like Monopoly, Risk… and have a nice and relaxing time with your friends. Since it is a cultural bar, you can listen to live music, go to the CINEMA RITCS and enjoy an English Comedy Night. The prices are really cheap,  because it’s a Student Bar, made just for you!

You can find more informations about EhB on this website