There is a city in Belgium which beauty is comparable to Bruges.
There is a city in Belgium which is alive bcs of its divers inhabitants.
There is a city in Belgium which we are visiting with you!

And this city is called….. GHENT!

★ When:
➟ Saturday 8th of October
➟ Meeting point: tba

★ Important:
➟ It is impossible to join our tour without a ticket so get yours at one of our sellings!
➟ Be at the meeting point on time so you don't miss the train

★ Tips: 
➟ Bring money or something to eat for lunch in Ghent
➟ Check the weather forecast before, and maybe bring a raincoat/umbrella. You know, Belgian weather... 
➟ Don't forget to take your neverending energy and smile, to make this trip unforgettable! :) 


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See you there!

Your ESN VUB EhB Brussels team

08/10/2016 - 10:00
11€ (13€ without ESNCard)
What's included: 
  • Visit to the city
  • Transport