Help us make student mobility in Europe accessible and inclusive!

The ESNsurvey is the main research project of ESN AISBL. It has been successfully carried out since 2005, and is thus a brand itself, well-known and recognised by multiple stakeholders.     On top of it, the ESNsurvey is the main tool we use to gather the students’ experiences with the Erasmus+ programme, so that we can propose to different stakeholders (such as the European Commission, the National Agencies, the universities and our own sections) different recommendations in order to improve the Erasmus+ programme.

The focus of the 2017 Questionnaire: Mapping the challenges and enablers of mobility for persons with disabilities across Europe. The outcome of the survey will be an essential tool supporting policy makers, and practitioners to improve access and inclusion of people with disabilities in higher education and international exchange programmes.

We are looking for:

  • Persons with disabilities who have participated in international exchange programmes and have already finished their mobility abroad.
  • Persons with disabilities who have not participated in international exchange programmes (local students)

Please spread the word and fill in the questionnaire: