You have already seen two of the most precious Belgian treasures, so it’s time for you to get ready to visit the diamond city of this country!
Let our fellows local volunteers tell you the stories about its shiny past and bright future. 
And it’s not just the diamonds that shine in Antwerp! The city itself has lots of features that will make your eyes sparkle. All over town you can find statues of important historical figures with a story linked to them. The lively shopping and entertainment scene as well as many cultural attractions will make you love the city!

➟ Sunday the 6th of October 2018
➟ Meeting point: 10.15 @ Central Station, in front of the ticket counter (look for the ESNflag!)

▶ PRICE?➟ 
➟ Free with the Welcome Package (
➟ €9 with ESNcard
➟ €11 without ESNcard
➟ Included: Transportation, map, and city tour by locals

➟ It is impossible to join our tour without a ticket so get yours at one of our sellings!
➟ Be at the meeting point on time so you don't miss our train (latecomers will be left behind)

➟ Bring money or something to eat for lunch in Antwerp
➟ Check the weather forecast before, and maybe bring a raincoat/umbrella. You know, Belgian weather... 
➟ Don't forget to take your neverending energy and smile, to make this trip unforgettable! :) 

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See you there!
Your ESN VUB EhB Brussels team

06/10/2018 - 10:15 to 18:00