Are you moving to Brussels?
Would you like to meet new friends from Belgium and all over the world?


Join our adventure!


► What is a local buddy?
A buddy is a local friend (i.e. someone that knows Brussels and VUB) who has decided to become a superhero to help you out. They can help you when you arrive in a new confusing city and don't' know anyone. They are someone you can ask your questions about Brussels and University to!


►Will it take a lot of my time?
No more than it takes for any other of your friends!


►Why should you do it?
➦ Join an international environment
➦ Improve your language skills
➦ Improve your intercultural skills
➦ Meet people from all over the world


Do you want to get a superhero?

Register here for ESN VUB EhB Brussels before September 10th!


Deadline 1: TBD

Deadline 2: TBD

Deadline 3: TBD

When will I get my buddy? You will get your buddy as soon as possible, but all buddy groups will be finalized few days after each deadline!

Any remaining questions?
Contact our Buddy Coordinator at
Looking forward to meet you!
Your ESN VUB EhB Brussels team